Indian dating culture, in contrast to American culture!

Both Indian and American culture is diverse in terms of religion and regional backgrounds; you can dig out significant difference amid of those two. In an average American culture, you hardly can find family gets involved in relationship making. But in India families have a mentionable impact on the relationship of person, especially for the females. Still many girls in India got married through the channel of their families. Even if you want to date an Indian lady, the approval from her family will be required.

Yes, American culture will offer you much more freedom in comparing to any other cultures, but never think Indian culture will not offer you anything. But if you make compare, you will find some specific areas to work on to meet the gap and this is where Indian dating websites are playing a pivotal role. Here you can see some special areas where the difference can be dissected in a better way.


In the American culture, safety is considered as very important. Whenever a couple goes for a date through a dating website, every time they want to ensure they are safe. Dating websites also try to maintain their information safe. No dating has obligation to lead that towards a marriage. But still eighty percent of Indian girls got married through their family arrangement and unless a date is finalized or arrangement of marriage has been made final, the dating of men and women is strictly prohibited in the eyes of the family and the society. Unknown men and women are not supposed to meet each other, and it is one of the general norms of Indian dating culture.

Dating multiples:

In America, multiple dating options are enabled. Dating is often considered as a social gathering. But in India, dating before marriage is not typically allowed and multiple dating is ever more blacklisted. Yes, exceptions can be found in rich societies, but you cannot mark those as regular. Cities like Delhi and Mumbai is a bit different, where girls get more freedom and here the chance of premarital dating is significantly higher.


Though promiscuity is a usual social term in the American culture, India is much different. Women can easily carry a relationship with a man that she doesn’t want to marry. But in India, you will not find this. Promiscuity is taboo and encounter of male and female before marriage is not allowed. Those encounters are reserved for marriage. Though young Indian couples are breaking these social norms and practice and going out to bed before marriage without any steadfast commitment to getting married, still you cannot compare that to the west. Whatever they are doing are behind the curtain.

Online dating options:

Indian dating culture is growing steadily and many colors are being added on a regular basis. Many people get membership in different matrimonial websites, popularly known as dating websites. These websites have become a great place to be interacted with each other. In America, around 30 percent take help of online platform like these. In India, the numbers are not that high, but it is growing undoubtedly.